life's just not fair
I live in cali and this girl lives in Ontario and we've had like a long distance relationship for 2 years until last January. Well she has this dude that she hooks up now and It irritates me, I still love her and I wanna be with her one day. Help?

You wanna be with a girl that hooks up with another guy?

Have you told her that you still love her and wanna be with her?

I really think your best bet is to just move on and find someone near you as harsh as that sounds, I’m also very pessimistic and lately just don’t believe in much but look for a girl that has similar qualities near you. 

whos more trash yelawolf or eminem?


She knows what i think of her, she stank like poop, but she’s an angel even though she ignored me all day yesterday. She is always there for me and has nasty ass humour like me which is great and she doesn’t get offended as much as she used to. I think she’s just a great person and i love her.

i made a sextoy wish list, buy me things from it

I get excited when logic drops a new song

Me tho!!

You’re really beautiful, your art is amazing and i cant wait till you’re single so we can get married because I wanna move to switzerland with a european bae

vergen that fuckin hoe

I have known you for a pretty long time and I love u. You’re very nice to everyone, you’re very shy and quiet and you put yourself down for some reason :/ which I hate, so stop doing that. But you’ve been getting better over the year and I’m proud of you, hope your music career always blows up so u can be my sugar daddy 


y’all ever mixed bars & alcohol???// that shit is FUN!!!

things side hoes say 

Gotta let go of your pride hunny, it's not flattering.

I got enough pride not to go on anonymous and talk shit.