Do u have thoughts of suicide

I get depressed and sad but I can never think of suicide, however hard it gets, even when you reach your lowest point in life you will eventually stand up and rise.

Do u support Gaza or Israel

I support humanity

What was your childhood like, if u don't mind my asking?

Constant moving, hospital visits, fighting and the death of my mom


I would feel devastated but then realize that I can’t force someone to like me. I learned that liking someone is just a big waste of time if both parties aren’t committed and serious about it. So I have decided that I’m not gonna look for anyone, I’m just gonna focus on me and when I’m more mature hopefully I’ll find someone mature too.

Can u describe the perfect girl

Mature, loyal, organized, determined, independent, goal oriented, educated and strong. Cares about herself more than anyone because she knows she is beautiful but isn’t a pretentious bitch about it. Doesn’t seek attention on the internet, doesn’t care about notes, likes, all that bullshit. Sweet, genuine and puts everyone first and is always there for people. Isn’t materialistic at all, and her way of getting spoiled is by giving her all your attention. Understands that education is the most important thing and is always working her ass off. Loves to be active, and hits the gym with me, wants to do lazy cute things instead of going all out. Someone that has a golden personality with a great sense of humour, is down to earth, weird and someone you can never get tired of. 



Don't stop being nice to girls. And don't feel bad. Some people are just like that. Eventually you will get the one you deserve. And it's gonna be great.

It’s been years, and nothing has changed, I gave up on this concept of waiting for something better. You won’t get anything in this world without trying. Nothing is given, it’s earned, if you want something you have to work for it. It’s my fault, I’m dumb, I should learn to love myself and care about my well being before even thinking about someone else.